Olaf Sztaba

Olaf had a kidney transplant eleven years ago from a living donor and since then he has become a passionate advocate for organ donation. Olaf first picked up a camera thirty-five years ago (see the photo above). Since then his passion for “seeing” has become a lifetime journey with photography. Widely known as a visual poet, Olaf’s unique eye and relentless pursuit of visual simplicity allows him to capture “superbly creative and aesthetically pleasing images.” 

Olaf is a founder of Simplicity-In-Seeing – an educational and mentoring platform dedicated to the craft of seeing. He is a columnist for the FujiLove Magazine and contributes to numerous online and print media.

Olaf lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia, with his wife Kasia, his son Olivier, and their furry four-legged companion, Bailey.

Spencer Wynn

As a news visual journalist, Spencer Wynn never met an story with which he did not connect. Living with an Inuit hunting party on sea ice in the high Arctic. Over nine trips to China, including Tibet to photograph in remote areas and celebrate Chinese ethnic diversity and landscapes. A two-year project to photograph and tell the stories of those who survived the world’s worst  industrial disaster in Bhopal, India.
An urgent call would come in from one of many hospitals. A baby is being taken off life support or a baby has just died – the families are desperate to document their babies through beautiful black and white bereavement family portraits. These sensitive family portraits will be the only record of a life once lived. Even in these situations, images of touching beauty work to bring families peace and closure.
Spencer takes all his experiences and interests and passes them on to his students he teaches at Humber College just west of Toronto. Students are sponges, thirsty for challenges and stories with which they may some day relate. Through teaching, Spencer inspires a new generation of photographers and visual story tellers.
Always looking for the next story, Spencer will search everywhere – and yes – often on his stomach, to find a new way of looking at the ordinary and making it special.
Spencer lives in Toronto and can be found photographing at any time of day – and night.